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Undiscovered Italy Tours is the premier source for planners, travel agents, and photographers worldwide interested in discovering Italy’s breathtaking and best kept secret luxury wedding destinations for 2019. Expand your business by bringing magical fairytale weddings and events to life through one of the world’s most endearing romantic landscapes.
Discover Our three featured areas of Italy offer exquisite backdrops for that special occasion, with each having unique characteristics. From gorgeous beaches, majestic mountain landscapes, authentic cuisine, and famous vineyards, our elegant destinations make for alluring wedding proposals and packages for your Hollywood VIP’s or international partners looking for an exquisite destination wedding experience.
Join us on our location tours to experience these charming locations for luxury events first hand. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff of professionals will guide you, visiting each location while taking in Italy’s renown food and wine experience along the way. Tour group sizes are limited, reserve your place today!

Benefits for Travel Agents and Wedding Planners

There’s nothing like experiencing these breathtaking hidden destinations first-hand and the credibility that comes with it when comes to collaborating with your international clients. Seeing it for yourself will help you create the most memorable and impactful packages.
Immerse yourself into the culture and environment just as your clients will, while having the advantage of meeting the local vendors and businesses that will make the memorable weddings of your international clients come to life.
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From Sept 30th to Oct 3rd

A true island paradise, Sardinia boasts limitless options with its secluded bays, charming rural landscapes, and glamorous coasts. The island is captivating, filled with rites and traditions from ancient time and traditional cuisine that reflect its farming and fishing culture. From stunning beach venues, exclusive lush outdoor gardens, country mansions, or spectacular farm houses, Sardinia offers breathtaking wedding venues that make weddings an absolutely unforgettable experience.
Covered by the Mediterranean maquis, this ancient island that recalls fairy-tale settings, still boasts wild places and unspoiled nature.
Its see is crystalline, varies between emerald and turquoise to the north, made of small caves and beaches of soft and thin sand and in the southern part an intense blue color that enchants the eyes and vast expanses of immense dunes.
Inland you can discover wonderful locations of archeological sites, such as the great Nuraghe di Barumini, an UNESCO heritage.
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Lake Garda

From October 8th to 11th

Situated in the north of the country, Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake and features five islands and remarkable diverse landscapes to suit the most exquisite of wedding desires. It’s close proximity to Venice, Verona, Florence, and Milano allow the opportunity for romantic daytrips. In the north side of the lake, a dazzling mountain scenery with historic castles and authentic towns sit at the bottom of the mountains. The picturesque resort town of Ria del Garda is the perfect place for an intimate and traditional wedding experience. The south lake region is surrounded by gentle rolling hills and a relaxed Mediterranean vibe. Perfect for unwinding in its natural hot springs, or taking picturesque lakefront walks, or experiencing wine tasting tours at the vineyards of Italy’s famous wines. The lake’s charming towns offer different experiences around the lake to suit all tastes. Cobblestone streets lined with restaurants and bars set the scene in Bardolino, stunning medieval architecture with exhilarating hiking and skiing take place in Malcesine, and the historic town of Garda offers a tranquil vibe.

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From May 13th to 16rh

Referred to as the "Green Heart" of Italy located at the center of the country, this unique wedding destination is about experiencing one of Italy’s most authentic regions and cultures beginning with its food and wine. Umbria is complete with medieval towns, luscious forests, and a distinct local cuisine with unique traditions. Its rich history presents a backdrop full of marvelous venues including palaces and castles. While a landlocked region, aquatic resources and unique terrain are present highlighted by its lovely lakes, rivers, spectacular waterfalls, underground caves, and therapeutic springs. Famous for its delicious cuisine, its specialty products include cheese, sausages, and truffles, while its climate is perfect for producing world famous ruby red wines. There’s no shortage of world-class arts, with countless museums, art galleries, and festival extravaganzas including the Two World Festival, Umbria Jazz, or the Nations Festival

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